In 1934 Chester Matuszko started Matuszko Farms in North Amherst, Massachusetts. Chet would take his produce along with small shipments of fruits and vegetables from other farms until he gathered a full truckload. He would then rent a truck and bring the goods to the Boston produce market 90 miles away. This was the beginning of Matuszko Farms Trucking.

Chet died in 1974 leaving a successful local trucking company. Upon his death Chet’s brother Carl, and his son Ted purchased the business. In 1975 its new owners officially incorporated Matuszko Trucking Inc. in the State of Massachusetts. Kipper, as Carl was known, focused on maintaining the equipment while continuing to run the farm. Ted, with his expertise in dispatching and sales, assumed the responsibility for running the trucks and developing a strong customer base to keep the equipment loaded and moving.

Today through many years of hard work and dedication, the company is a large, well-respected trucking operation servicing the Northeast with over 100 owner/operators and a modern central 24-hour dispatch terminal. Through the creation of Pioneer Transportation Services, Matuszko Trucking can now offer its customers who require nationwide trucking services the same demanding standards of quality and reliability previously offered by Matuszko Trucking in the Northeast region.

In the year 2012 we will be celebrating 37 years as Matuszko Trucking Inc. Our growth and success is due to loyal and dedicated owner/operators who are the backbone of our company. Our success is directly attributable to the hands on management style of the Matuszko family and our hardworking employees. Our goal for the next 30 years is to continue to grow at a steady and secure pace while continuing to provide our customers with excellent and reliable service!